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When the soup is enough…

When the soup is enough... by Keri Kettle

When your friend gets the terrifying diagnosis, or her heart just got broken, or her kid is making choices that make her wonder what happened to the sweet, little boy that used to give her sloppy wet toddler kisses on her knees…

Sometimes all you can do is show up with some soup.

You didn’t hand-cut the noodles or brine the chicken for three days.  It’s not the kind of soup that takes 25 ingredients and three days.  It’s not the kind you want to Instagram in all its slow-cooked glory.

It’s just soup.

And it’s more than enough.

I heard Carrie Fisher talking on the radio about her mom and step-mother, describing them as “stand-up, show up broads”.

I want that on my tombstone:  “She was a stand-up, show up broad”

When life hits the fan, we stand with each other on the hard days, we show up for each other even when it’s inconvenient.  We bring each other soup.

And it’s more than enough.

What to do when you can’t seem to get anything done

What to do when you can't seem to get anything done by Keri Kettle

There will be times when you think of everything that needs to get done and feel paralyzed.  You will look at the list you’ve made and think, I have no idea where to begin.  You will believe that you can’t possibly do this alone.  You will find yourself on Facebook or Pinterest, frantically checking and […]

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The Upside of Constant Change

The Upside of Constant Change by Keri Kettle

It was raining yesterday.  Today I was sweating as the temperature hit the 80’s in my un-air-conditioned house.  The weather changes every few days where I live and I love it. I grew up in a place where Winter started a bit before Halloween, settled in and was still a dirty, slushy mess when Easter […]

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The color trick that can make you happier…

The color trick that can make you happier... by Keri Kettle

If you just found out your partner is cheating, or you got the diagnosis no one wants to get, or your kid is making choices that break your heart, you are not going to want to choose pleasure.  If your mind is going through all of this crappy reality and I say, “But look, a […]

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When you’re pissed at gratitude…

When you're pissed at gratitude... by Keri Kettle

You will screw up. You will say the wrong thing. You will forget your best friend’s birthday and be late to pick up your kid, and you will have a complete brain fart and miss the important appointment you scheduled weeks ago. That little thing that goes wrong in your day will send you down that […]

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