For my sister step-moms — My Messy Beautiful

Girl, I know it’s hard.  So hard.  The kind of hard where you start to feel compassion for the evil Disney step-monsters, right?  Maybe they got a bad rap.  Maybe they couldn’t take hearing one more snarky remark about how Cinderella’s “real mom” could do perfect hair and never makes slimy eggs and the woman […]

When you just need a cookie…

I’m a book nerd.  One of my boxes of Christmas crap is half-filled with a red and white basket of books that I put out each year – a vintage copy of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, a gorgeous paper cut-out pop-up book that illustrates the story of Jesus’s birth, a version of The Night Before […]

Should I Text My Ex-husband (Again)?

Click on the image to enlarge A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this about how to know if you are texting your ex too much.  I made this infographic so you have an easy way to decide if you should send that text or not.  Make it your cell phone wallpaper and you just […]

What to do when you are co-parenting with a jerk…

  I hear over and over from frustrated parents who find themselves in an endless loop of conflict with an ex-spouse that just won’t stop being a turd.  Attorneys, judges, therapists and other professionals that work with divorced families will tell you that the truth is, they can’t change a turd into a great parent, […]

Can we talk about that monkey on your back?

    I stepped over the threshold of the condo I was considering renting as my first place after my divorce, the floors were strewn with bits of trash, half-packed boxes were covering every surface in the room, the carpet was depressingly similar to the carpet in my first apartment after college and the flat […]

The 5 Questions to Ask Before You Start Dating Again

  Many of us want to find delicious, deep love after divorce but it’s hard to know when you are truly ready to really find the the “right one”.  Dating after divorce can be weird and awkward. Most likely it’s been a very long time since you’ve been on a first date and dating as […]

Messages of Hope – An Interview with Jena Strong

Meet Jena Strong!  She is a writer, poet, and mama. She came out at the age of 36, just shy of her 11th wedding anniversary.   As a kid, her parents getting divorced was one of her biggest fears, and throughout her own marriage, an undercurrent of restlessness was a constant source of inner tension. In […]

Will you do me a favor?

Today I didn’t go to work.  I’d like to say that I didn’t work, that I took the day off and just laid around, reading books and eating bon bons.  But I still did laundry, wrote this blog post, answered work e-mail, returned some calls, called the office to give instructions on this thing or […]

Sh*t Pickle Shout Out

Kris Carr, author/star of Crazy Sexy Cancer (and her new book Crazy Sexy Life) asks, “what’s your sh*t pickle?”  What she is asking is, what is your cancer, your crisis, maybe even your divorce?  What is the problem that inspires you to learn and to change your life?  I really want to rock a t-shirt […]