I’ve got your bikini body right here…

I saw this headline today: Helen Mirren’s Secret to Staying Bikini Fit. This makes me so sad.  If you click over to the article, you will find that Helen Mirren isn’t too happy about it either (and she’s not wearing a bikini).  And yet, this title and this article grab our attention because we are […]

What to read in difficult times

 I see it in their eyes, the look of desperation.  The look that tells me she needs relief from the pain and she’ll take it wherever she can find it  – in a class, in a book, in whatever form that will bring a little comfort and guidance.  I get asked so many times for […]

The Poems That Save Me

I’ve loved poetry since I was a kid, scratching out Haiku about my bicycle with the sparkly orange banana seat. My favorite poems help me see the world with fresh eyes.  They lift me up out of the chatter of my brain and give me a fresh perspective or they take me by the hand […]

Treat Yo’ Self

My daughter told me that #treatyoself is the new trendy hashtag.  I’m giving the “moms” credit for teaching the next generation about the value of self-care.  I put “moms” in quotes because I believe that the definition of a mom is a woman who loves. If you are a woman that shows up for a […]

What Valentine’s Day says about you…

What I really want you to know today is that nothing that happens on Valentine’s Day (or your Birthday or Mother’s Day or Whatever Day That Holds All The Expectations) is a reflection of how much you are loved.  It’s also not a reflection of how well you love others.  And it is absolutely, positively […]

#ichoosepleasure – The Final Chapter

That very word, pleasure, had changed for me; I used to think it a mild sort of word, indicating a rather low-key self-indulgence; now it seemed explosive, the two vowels in the first syllable spurting up like fireworks, ending on the plateau of the last syllable, its dreamy purr. — Alice Munro (from the novel, […]

When it’s time for red lipstick…

“Never underestimate the healing power of the sequin.” Mary Alice Stephenson (founder of Glam4Good) Not feeling so sparkly lately?  How many times have you pulled on that same pair of jeans?  Are you slipping in to the Clark’s clogs day after day?  How many weeks has that over-sized sweater been in heavy rotation?  Yeah, it’s […]

What does your now look like?

  I was complaining to my 83 year old grandmother on the afternoon of my cousin’s wedding.  Complaining to my grandmother is never a smart idea.  She raised 7 kids, basically on her own.  She’s nearly blind and walks with a cane (very slowly) but she still lives on her own, not wanting to leave […]

Can You Be a Hottie in Sweatpants?

I was walking into the doctor’s office after 2 puke-y days in bed.  I was wearing sweats and my favorite big, baggy sweater, my hair haphazardly caught up in a hair tie.  I had tossed my cookies in the car on the way to the doctor’s office and I was carrying the upchuck bucket in […]

The kindness of strangers…

A woman from my church died in a horrible accident a couple of weeks ago.  When I heard the news, I remembered the kindness of her eyes.  I had given her communion a week or two before she died.  When I’m on communion duty, I take the juice tray and my husband takes the bread.  […]