What I learned about living a remarkable life…

“Living a remarkable life in a conventional world” was the theme of the conference that I went to over the weekend.  A lot of people asked me what that has to do with divorce.  Why would a divorce attorney go to a conference full of couch surfers, artists, life coaches and bloggers?  Well, yes, I […]

Hold the lettuce…

  One of my first jobs in Los Angeles was in Century City, an area full of high-rise office buildings and lots of entertainment industry companies.  There is a food court in Century City where you can find everything from an “authentic” New York Deli to Thai food, Mexican food, sushi, sub sandwich place, juice […]

A** vs. Face – Part Two

My husband and I were laying by the pool, at a nice resort in Palm Springs, California.  It’s a bit tricky finding the right chairs when you want shade and he wants full sun.  I had seen the hottie in the tiny black bikini and after trying to figure out if there was any way […]

Can you think of 4 ways that you are awesome?

“This is the family that we are, and we’ve got each other, and I believe that is more than enough.”  Jeanne Darst My therapist always makes me start off every session by listing 4 things that are going well in my life.  I always find myself dashing up the stairs to her office thinking, “Crap!  […]

Oatmeal’s Ninja Move

What are you doing for yourself to keep from losing your shit on a regular basis over stuff that doesn’t really matter? If I don’t take time for myself, I lose my shit more often and with greater intensity.  Like head-spinning, words-vomiting, massive-cranky-attack kind of stuff.  This past weekend, I spent a few days with […]

How something that makes little girls gag can prevent divorce.

Knowing what the other side wants from you is the key to negotiation.  You would think that this would make divorce cases easy.  Everyone should be able to walk in and tell me exactly what the other side wants, even if they aren’t prepared to give it, at least we have a place to start […]

The Gold Ones

My friend Carol and I met in college – we were the ones that volunteered to help clean up after trainings for the campus childcare center because we knew the director would let us take home the leftover food.  That was a long time ago but she is still one of my best friends and […]

I Want to Ignite a Fire Under Your A**

Ignite – that’s my guiding word for 2013.  Have you heard of these groups online that promote the idea of choosing one word to guide your year?  The concept is to consider what you’d like to invite more of into your life.  As I slog through my 40’s, I’m finding more and more that what […]

What you can learn from a modern troubadour at the country club.

The guy in the hat in the picture above is singer-songwriter Mason Reed.  His voice is super cool – like Tom Waits and Jason Mraz made a singing baby with an awesome ‘stache and a hippie beard.   And the guy next to him is playing a mandolin.  Do you know how musically gifted you have […]

Can You Find Joy With A Glue Stick?

I was on one of my first post-divorce dates and being quizzed by my “date” – which I put in quotes because I do not believe an offer to meet me at the Starbucks next door to his office counts as a date, it’s at best a meeting and, frankly, felt more like a job […]