The kids are watching…

We are walking through the shoe department, my almost seventeen year old and I.  I pick up a pair of glittery Toms and hear a voice in my ear, “No, mom. Ew.” I wander over to the sandals and pause in front of a pair with a thick white sole, I’ve seen some like this […]

What to do when you can’t seem to get anything done

There will be times when you think of everything that needs to get done and feel paralyzed.  You will look at the list you’ve made and think, I have no idea where to begin.  You will believe that you can’t possibly do this alone.  You will find yourself on Facebook or Pinterest, frantically checking and […]

What we forget…

I recently went to visit one of my grandmothers at the small nursing home where she is being cared for beautifully. She has physical problems and also severe dementia, the combination of which means she needs 24 hour skilled nursing care. Her memory is so damaged that she doesn’t even recognize the caregivers that are […]

The Lies Parents Tell Themselves…

When we first moved here, we were sweetly invited to a dinner party so we could get to know our neighbors.  We soon learned that the people at the party all had children who were off to college, or headed that way shortly.  They had raised their kids together, here on this block.  At one […]

Why Half Your A** is Not Enough

My dear friend organized an evening that I really, really wanted to go to.  There is a local woman here that makes the most gorgeous handbags out of upholstery remnants and leather.  They are all of the things that I love – beautiful, sustainable, local and made by a female entrepreneur.  My friend set it […]

Treat Yo’ Self

My daughter told me that #treatyoself is the new trendy hashtag.  I’m giving the “moms” credit for teaching the next generation about the value of self-care.  I put “moms” in quotes because I believe that the definition of a mom is a woman who loves. If you are a woman that shows up for a […]

What you don’t know could be ruining your relationships…

My teen daughter was suddenly pissed at me for no reason, but that’s not so unusual with teens, particularly of the female variety.  First I used the standard “duck and cover” method of handling hormonal humans, slipping her a glass of water and quietly stepping out of the room, being careful not to turn my […]

What Valentine’s Day says about you…

What I really want you to know today is that nothing that happens on Valentine’s Day (or your Birthday or Mother’s Day or Whatever Day That Holds All The Expectations) is a reflection of how much you are loved.  It’s also not a reflection of how well you love others.  And it is absolutely, positively […]

#ichoosepleasure – Part 4

Let’s re-cap:  you’ve started to own your beauty; you’ve started to see there is no scarcity of soul mate “options” and you’re ready to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.  But what if you still feel stuck in that place where you are just “not unhappy”? How do you get from being just okay […]

When you might be raising slackers…

My 12 year old son tells me he is done with lessons and team sports.  He’s tried golf, swimming, art, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, guitar and probably more that I can’t even remember.  And he’s done.  He only wants to do unorganized exercise.  Something “free-style” he says.  Lately, that means he takes the dog for runs […]