When You Feel Like You’re Talking In Circles…

My son was taking a particularly long time getting ready for school one morning, so I walked in and he was wearing two pairs of underwear, a pair of bathing trunks and was trying to button a pair of MY cropped jeans over the mess of waistbands.  I asked him what he was doing and […]

The kindness of strangers…

A woman from my church died in a horrible accident a couple of weeks ago.  When I heard the news, I remembered the kindness of her eyes.  I had given her communion a week or two before she died.  When I’m on communion duty, I take the juice tray and my husband takes the bread.  […]

A Manifesto for Boredom

      This is what my desk looks like most days, I swear there is a desk under all that paper,  I remember seeing it before.  Yes, most days I eat lunch at my desk, which I know is neither good for my digestion nor my brain.  Do you ever dream of being bored? […]

I need to tell you about something I’m hiding in my closet…

I’ve been keeping a bag of uncomfortable shoes in my closet.  They have been there for over a year, that was when I decided that it was pretty ridiculous that I wear shoes that hurt my feet and make me cranky.  I went through my shoe closet (yes, I’ll admit I have a closet of […]

Because shame is not the answer.

I am the daughter of unwed teenage parents.  This week, Richard V. Reeves wrote an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times that supports the concept of using shame to prevent teenage pregnancy.  He applauds a new public education campaign in New York City that puts bus posters of crying toddlers telling their mothers things […]

3 Tips to Get More Sleep and Be More Fabulous

Anxiety sucks.  It sucks the energy out of our day, it sucks the joy out of our fun time and it sucks the rest out of our nights.  How many times have you been unable to sleep while your mind spins with worry?  It’s really unlikely that you can actually fix any of your problems […]

What Happy Women Don’t Do

Step 5 to an ignited life:  Just say no The volunteer coordinator sent me an e-mail asking if I could come over around 10:00am the next day to work on the project that I had been asking to schedule for weeks.  Less than 24 hours notice?  You want me to be there mid-morning on a […]

Ma’am, Step Away From The Goldfish.

I had just finished up several days of morning hearings  and I felt like crap.  I had a constant upset stomach, I was tired and feeling like I had brain fog.  I knew I hadn’t been taking care of myself but it suddenly hit me that I had been grabbing a coffee and Egg McMuffin […]

It’s Rally Time!

Step Three To The Ignited Life:  Move It Feeling tired, sleepy or have a little brain fog even though you absolutely HAVE to be focused and energetic?   If I don’t get enough sleep or if I haven’t been exercising, I can easily find myself moving slowly in the morning.  Coffee may get my butt […]

What I learned about friendship from getting stepped on.

Step One to the Ignited Life:  Find (or cherish) your posse. I was stopped at a light, weeping with laughter while listening to a Fresh Air interview of Russell Brand on NPR.   I looked over at the car next to me and saw my friend in the driver seat.  It looked like she might […]