#ichoosepleasure – Part Five

If you don’t like where you are, then change it! You’re not a tree. — Jim Rohn Define your own happily ever after. Eat chocolate for breakfast.  Drink wine at Noon on a Tuesday.  Wear striped socks with sandals.  Move to the city.  Escape the city.  Walk away from the man that couldn’t love you […]

#ichoosepleasure – Part 4

Let’s re-cap:  you’ve started to own your beauty; you’ve started to see there is no scarcity of soul mate “options” and you’re ready to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.  But what if you still feel stuck in that place where you are just “not unhappy”? How do you get from being just okay […]

#ichoosepleasure – Part Three

The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel. — Danielle LaPorte So you’ve started to see how many men enjoy your particular flavor of beauty.  You’ve even started to believe that maybe your “soul mate” is actually one of a fairly large group of really good men that you get […]

When you can’t face those boxes of holiday decorations…

The holidays are nearly here and I am not at all ready.  Just looking at the stack of storage tubs filled with Christmas crap –  I mean decorations – fills me with dread.  I have some lovely Christmas crap/decorations, but it’s a lot of work to put it all out.  A lot of lugging boxes, […]

How’s your joy level today?

She has a “deep-rooted moral ambition for joy”, that’s how a friend of Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert describes her.  I read that and immediately thought, “Yes!”  That’s the thing I strive for daily, to take the ambitious, slightly obsessive part of me and aim it at achieving joy.  And I want oodles of joy […]

Hold the lettuce…

  One of my first jobs in Los Angeles was in Century City, an area full of high-rise office buildings and lots of entertainment industry companies.  There is a food court in Century City where you can find everything from an “authentic” New York Deli to Thai food, Mexican food, sushi, sub sandwich place, juice […]

A Manifesto for Boredom

      This is what my desk looks like most days, I swear there is a desk under all that paper,  I remember seeing it before.  Yes, most days I eat lunch at my desk, which I know is neither good for my digestion nor my brain.  Do you ever dream of being bored? […]

Oatmeal’s Ninja Move

What are you doing for yourself to keep from losing your shit on a regular basis over stuff that doesn’t really matter? If I don’t take time for myself, I lose my shit more often and with greater intensity.  Like head-spinning, words-vomiting, massive-cranky-attack kind of stuff.  This past weekend, I spent a few days with […]

I need to tell you about something I’m hiding in my closet…

I’ve been keeping a bag of uncomfortable shoes in my closet.  They have been there for over a year, that was when I decided that it was pretty ridiculous that I wear shoes that hurt my feet and make me cranky.  I went through my shoe closet (yes, I’ll admit I have a closet of […]

How something that makes little girls gag can prevent divorce.

Knowing what the other side wants from you is the key to negotiation.  You would think that this would make divorce cases easy.  Everyone should be able to walk in and tell me exactly what the other side wants, even if they aren’t prepared to give it, at least we have a place to start […]