What if we were women who love?

Let’s trade all our judgment for appreciating.  Let’s lay down our righteousness and just be together. –Ram Dass What if …someone said “those Christians drive me crazy!” And instead of arguing, I just listened, knowing someone hurt her heart. What if…someone said, “you don’t really believe Obamacare will really happen?!” And I just laughed and […]

Can’t Sleep? (or how Chris Rock lead me to a life of porn)

At least once per week, a client tells me she can’t sleep.  The upside of divorce is that most of us lose a ton of weight, the downside is that you look like death warmed over because you have giant bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.  Worrying about your kids, your finances, where […]

What I Learned About Getting Through Your Divorce From Jeff Walker…

Unless you are an internet marketing dude, you probably have never heard of Jeff Walker (and, no, the guy in the picture with me is not Jeff Walker – it’s my husband.  But we were in Arizona for the conference, so the picture is vaguely relevant to this blog post.  Work with me on this […]

Am I Texting My Ex Too Much?

  In the webinar on co-parenting struggles I shared with you this week, I said that if you don’t like how much time and energy you spend arguing over petty stuff with your ex, a good way to change that is to stop talking to your ex so much.  But  you can’t just stop talking […]

Yes, I’m trying to make you laugh.

  I make jokes at seemingly inappropriate times.  After my client has sat through several minutes of hearing his/her spouse go on and on angrily about some issue, I will see the urgent note-writing start.  I know that my client feels the need to defend themselves and is busily trying to write a note to […]

The Storm Before The Calm

People come to me looking to fix what’s been broken.  They want me to lead them through the anger, the frustration and the dysfunctional communication to relieve them of their pain. I do my best to show them how to shift negative communication patterns.  How to deal with people that are being turds.  How to […]

When you might be raising slackers…

My 12 year old son tells me he is done with lessons and team sports.  He’s tried golf, swimming, art, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, guitar and probably more that I can’t even remember.  And he’s done.  He only wants to do unorganized exercise.  Something “free-style” he says.  Lately, that means he takes the dog for runs […]

We need to talk about your permanent record…

You don’t have one.  A permanent record, that is.  You don’t have to set it straight.  You don’t have to clear it.  You don’t have to make sure that everyone knows what the “real” truth is. I just saved you a few years of wasted time.  You’re welcome. At least once a week, someone asks […]

When You Feel Like You’re Talking In Circles…

My son was taking a particularly long time getting ready for school one morning, so I walked in and he was wearing two pairs of underwear, a pair of bathing trunks and was trying to button a pair of MY cropped jeans over the mess of waistbands.  I asked him what he was doing and […]

Can You Be a Hottie in Sweatpants?

I was walking into the doctor’s office after 2 puke-y days in bed.  I was wearing sweats and my favorite big, baggy sweater, my hair haphazardly caught up in a hair tie.  I had tossed my cookies in the car on the way to the doctor’s office and I was carrying the upchuck bucket in […]