3 Things You Should Know About Plan B

  “Your Plan B is God’s Plan A.” –Jim Beaver This quote has been floating around in my head for months.  This week I was listening to an interview with Wayne Dyer and he basically said the same thing, that our lives may not turn out the way we expect but that we are living […]

5 Things I Don’t Worry About Since My Divorce

In general, moms probably worry more than their fair share.  I know that I do.  Getting a divorce hasn’t exactly taken away my tendency to worry but it did shift things, refine things and helped me to re-focus on the things truly worth worrying about.  If you have to figure out where you are going […]

Since everyone is talking about boobs this week…

I went to get a second opinion after a wonky mammogram this week.*  Apparently, Angelina Jolie and I have a lot in common – we both are on our second marriage, we both had to deal with breast cancer issues this week and we both find Brad Pitt a lot less sexy than we used […]

A** vs. Face – Part Two

My husband and I were laying by the pool, at a nice resort in Palm Springs, California.  It’s a bit tricky finding the right chairs when you want shade and he wants full sun.  I had seen the hottie in the tiny black bikini and after trying to figure out if there was any way […]

Can you think of 4 ways that you are awesome?

“This is the family that we are, and we’ve got each other, and I believe that is more than enough.”  Jeanne Darst My therapist always makes me start off every session by listing 4 things that are going well in my life.  I always find myself dashing up the stairs to her office thinking, “Crap!  […]

Oatmeal’s Ninja Move

What are you doing for yourself to keep from losing your shit on a regular basis over stuff that doesn’t really matter? If I don’t take time for myself, I lose my shit more often and with greater intensity.  Like head-spinning, words-vomiting, massive-cranky-attack kind of stuff.  This past weekend, I spent a few days with […]

Life Lessons from a Greek Drag Queen

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”  Mae West A group of friends and I were traveling around Europe one Summer, we had broken up into a few groups and, this being in the days before cell phones, we came up with the very romantic idea that we would all meet up […]

3 Tips to Get More Sleep and Be More Fabulous

Anxiety sucks.  It sucks the energy out of our day, it sucks the joy out of our fun time and it sucks the rest out of our nights.  How many times have you been unable to sleep while your mind spins with worry?  It’s really unlikely that you can actually fix any of your problems […]

My Best Tip To Master Being Present

If you’ve read my toe story, you know that my brain can go off on a tangent of worry and anxiety.  And based on the responses I got – so can yours.  But how do you turn off the crazy brain?  Anyone that has ever had a kid, pet or younger sibling can tell you […]

What Happy Women Don’t Do

Step 5 to an ignited life:  Just say no The volunteer coordinator sent me an e-mail asking if I could come over around 10:00am the next day to work on the project that I had been asking to schedule for weeks.  Less than 24 hours notice?  You want me to be there mid-morning on a […]