Attracting Delicious Love – Part 1

Photo Credit: Karen Bardavid

Photo Credit: Karen Bardavid

This week I’m changing things up a bit.  I’ve recorded a video that talks about what to do when you feel like there is something standing between you and a deliciously joyful, pleasurable life.  You want deep, delicious love in your life (and, no, you aren’t too tired for deep, delicious love).  Maybe you have been dating and just not finding the right dates.  Maybe you are in a relationship but you are feeling disconnected from your partner.  Maybe you crave a deeper, more intimate connection with your children or your friends.

Bad shit, sometimes really, truly horrible shit happens.  So we armor up and put on our emotional protective visor to survive.  But when happens when the bad shit is over and you can’t figure out how to take the armor off and really feel the goodness of life again?  What happens when we are so used to going through our day in a state of mild numbness that we forget we put up those emotional walls in the first place?  This is your loving tap on the shoulder to say, “It’s safe to feel again.”  There is so much good stuff out there, I don’t want you to miss a moment.

Here’s where we start:

If you have worked your way out of the state of numb, I hope you will share what helped you in the comments below.  And, if you are still wearing that armor, I’d love to see what your biggest challenge is right now.  When we share our stories, we help each other.  I am so grateful for each of you.

If you are looking to attract deep, delicious love in your life, click here to join me as we cultivate a joy habit.  I’m on a mission to teach the art of delight.  Join me in a revolution of pleasure, because bliss is not just a fleeting moment – it’s an attitude.

Please share your thoughts.