Treat Yo’ Self


My daughter told me that #treatyoself is the new trendy hashtag.  I’m giving the “moms” credit for teaching the next generation about the value of self-care.  I put “moms” in quotes because I believe that the definition of a mom is a woman who loves.

If you are a woman that shows up for a kid’s band concert or soccer game or keeps a toddler occupied at the restaurant long enough for their mama to get a few bites of food while it’s still hot – you get some “mom” credit, whether or not you’ve ever had a contraction or sore nipples.

If you are a woman that makes sure the kids know that you have to put on your own oxygen mask first – that you have to get enough sleep, make the mammogram appointment and maybe even hide in the bathroom long enough to finish your glass of wine  – then you are doing important mothering work.  Because it’s not enough to just take care of the kids, we need to set the example that taking care of ourselves is important, too.   And no mom can do this by herself.  No mother ever gets sufficient rest, food and basic healthcare without a few extra helping hands.

I think #treatyoself came from the kid of a mom who taught the value of self-care, which means a kid who sometimes had someone other than his/her biological mother give the ride, show up at the game or clap for the band, because no one can do all that and still take care of herself. This is a shout out to the “mom” team.  Nice work, ladies.

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