Choosing the scent that makes you feel like you


There will come a day when the scent you have worn for years doesn’t smell like you at all.  Or you will realize that you haven’t worn any scent at all for so long.  Maybe you have a dusty bottle in the back of your cabinet with a bit of stale, brown liquid in the bottom.

After going through a transition in my life, it can feel like the scent that I wore isn’t mine anymore. As we grow, as we age, we change on a cellular level and finding a new scent can help you grow into your new skin.  Maybe it’s time to find the scent that feels like the woman you are becoming instead of the woman you used to be.

I went on an exchange student trip to France when I was in high school.  I still remember being amazed at how much perfume the women in the family I stayed with had.  And they loved to go to the perfume store.  So did I.  Floor to ceiling mirrored shelves full of scent after scent in every form – parfum, lotion, body spray, soap, balm.

France is where I learned that there are scents meant for wearing at night and others for day.  There are perfumes specifically crafted for wearing on a hot summer day and others for sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter night.  Some perfumes are meant to be worn with your best dress and others for wearing with jeans.  In France, perfume is like another piece of your wardrobe.  While I’m sure some women have a signature scent in France, it seemed like most women had as many bottles of perfume as they had pairs of shoes.

I learned a few things about choosing a scent from my French “sisters” about choosing a scent.  If you are growing into a new phase of your life, consider doing a little scent shopping – using the scent you find to help you grow in to your new skin.

  1. You need to test it out.  Get a sample, not just a squirt on a piece of paper.  If your local store doesn’t have small samples, spray the scent directly on the crook of your elbow and wear it for the rest of the day.  Our own body scent changes how a perfume smells on our skin.  Unless you practically bathe in it, no two women will smell the same way in the same scent.  Applied sparingly, we create our own version of the scent.
  2. You might need more than one.  Maybe you need one scent to wear to work or to run your kids around town and another that you pull out only for the nights that you are slipping into THAT dress and heading out on the town.  You can have more than one blog051614-2version of you.  Sometimes this can mean choosing one top note – like citrus, jasmine or tuberose – and then finding one that is slightly brighter for day and muskier for those special nights.
  3. Buy the one that makes you moan.  A few years ago a friend of mine described her new favorite scent as the one “that makes me want to have sex with myself”.  If you find yourself closing your eyes and touching your own skin – that’s the keeper.

Consider taking yourselves for a walk through the perfume aisle.  Consider that you are worth a little delicious scent.  Consider that perfume shopping is much better for your self-worth than shopping for jeans or bathing suits.

Please share your thoughts.