I’ve got your bikini body right here…

I saw this headline today: Helen Mirren’s Secret to Staying Bikini Fit.

This makes me so sad.  If you click over to the article, you will find that Helen Mirren isn’t too happy about it either (and she’s not wearing a bikini).  And yet, this title and this article grab our attention because we are dying to know the “secret” to maintaining a body image we make up in our heads based on the false proportions reflected in airbrushed and photo-shopped photographs in fashion magazines.

Every body is a bikini body.

I don’t want to “get fit” or “get a bikini body”.  I want to live in my true body.  The one that I don’t have to skip dessert for.  The one that doesn’t have me counting calories or “avoiding carbs” or eating anything with “low fat” in the name.  The one that feels really good after eating a big, beautiful salad.  My true body also loves a few dark chocolate covered almonds with a glass of red wine. And, sometimes, it really wants something wrapped in bacon.  My true body prefers real butter.

I want you to fall in love with your true body, too.

Your true body is the one where you catch a glimpse of yourself naked in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, not how different you look from the 17 year old models in the magazines.

Your true body is the one where you slip that dress over your head and love how it shows off your curves (or your lack of curves, if that’s how your true body shows up in this life).  Your true body is really disappointed when it is crammed into Spanx.

Your true body is strong and alive and carries you from place to place with some swagger.

Your true body is waiting to be found and appreciated in all its real and imperfect beauty.

You won’t find it by restricting how much you eat to follow a formula prescribed in a weight loss program.  You won’t find it by punishing yourself with exercise that you dread.

Your true body is wired for pleasure.

Your true body flows into movement that fills you with energy and vitality.  Your true body savors each luscious bite and takes sip after sip of the water that makes your skin tingle.

Are you ready to follow your pleasure and find your true body?



  1. swannie16 says:

    The Helen Mirren Headline crushed me too. I’m so glad you bought it up in your blog. Why do we subject women and ourselves to such scrutiny? It is just heartbreaking. You’ve inspired me to speak out more and not just let these moments pass without comment.


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