Where to find your treasure…

Where to find your treasure... by Keri Kettle

I love to purge.   I love to get rid of stuff that is piling up.  I love to take an over-stuffed drawer, dump it out, and sort it into what I love and what needs to go.

About once every 3 months we schedule a pick-up from a local charity for outgrown clothes and toys – with 4 kids, there are always outgrown clothes and toys.

As an adult, I still outgrow my clothes and toys.  Things that don’t feel like me anymore or things that I thought I’d wear, but don’t.  A lot of the time the things that are hardest to put in the “donate” pile are the things I really WANTED to love but that just never felt right – the sexy black dress that somehow made me look like a trampy librarian, the chunky turtleneck sweater that makes me feel like I’m being strangled, or the strappy sandals that make my feet sweat and leave me terrified of slipping off my shoes and snapping an ankle.

This time I found this luscious skirt that I forgot I had, it was hiding behind the tangle of other things I’m not wearing that are now on their way to a thrift store to raise money for disabled adults.  These purging sessions can be like a treasure hunt, as I unearth forgotten scarves and dresses.  Sometimes what I find might not be a treasure for me, but it’s ready to be someone else’s treasure.  Either way it feels so good to lighten the load of crap that I am holding like a squirrel preparing for an endless winter.

When I let things go, I make space for awesome treasures.  The treasures I already have and the treasures that are waiting for me to find them.

What have you been holding that you are ready to let go of?  What do you want to make space for?  Tell me, tell me.  I really want to know because releasing your grip is easier when your other hand is being held.


  1. I have to say i was a terrible hoarder, IN EVERY sense OF THE WORD…I have a lot of trouble letting go of things that i’ve outgrown, BOTH PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL. i’ve found myself (and yes i know how crazy this will make me sound) throwing out A BAG CONTAINING my ex-housemates beard which he shaved off and gave TO me for my birthday…its a long story :p but that’s how messed up my sentimentality had become…anyway after a long while of clinging onto things that no longer had a place in my life, drowning under a pile of clothes that i never wore and letters from ex boyfriends that i would rather forget etc etc something in my mind finally snapped (i became a mother) and i decided it was time to grow up and live my life for now. one of the hardest things i had to do was to shed the leaves of the seasons passed but it’s such a crucial part of growing into the next beautiful adventure. i feel free, i feel organised and im ready to go treasure hunting again 😀

  2. No idea what’s going on with those random capital letters either 😉

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