Let’s get back to normal.

It takes courage to get divorced.  And just when you think it might not have been the worst thing that ever happened, that maybe you, and more importantly your kids, might even end up somewhere better than you were, it picks you up, smacks you around and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of doubt, insecurity and fear.  You have a hundred crucial decisions to make and no ability to make even one – and that’s a good thing, because no one makes smart decisions from a place of fear and scarcity.  My mission is to help you move out of the deep, scary pit of fear and pressure and self-doubt and bring YOU back.  She is in there, waiting for you to put her back in the driver’s seat.  Because even with a whiny kid as a navigator and an out of date map, you’ll have a safer journey once you find your grace.

I believe that we all have a place of inner grace inside of us.  Grace is defined by Webster’s as “unmerited divine assistance” and as an “ease and suppleness of movement”.  When we are in a place of fear and chaos, we can’t hear the voice of grace.  Mastin Kipp, of The Daily Love, wrote, “Grace is a force that exists, not because we always get it perfect; Grace exists for us in spite of the fact that we don’t get it perfect.”  Having worked as a divorce attorney and mediator for over fifteen years, I have seen grace make a crucial difference in the lives of hundreds of families.

I have been determined to research and figure out what was the deciding factor between those families that are able to work through divorce to a better place and those that continue the chaos for years, wreaking havoc on their children, their finances and their health.  I believe the difference is finding, and holding, a place of calm while making the life-altering choices that confront you during and after a divorce.  I believe the difference is grace.  And I believe that grace arrives only when your mind is quiet enough to receive it.  I also have some really good news about grace- only one of you needs to have it!  Even if your ex wants to stay on the crazy train, you can get off and step into grace to save your self, your kids and your future.

I started this website to help you quiet your mind, find your grace and get back on the path to normal (you know, that boring every day place where you wonder why there’s never anything good on tv?).   If you can’t even remember what boring feels like, you are in the right place. I have walked people off the crazy train hundreds of times.  Now, I’m putting all the research I’ve done with families over the years into developing this place and I’m calling it Holding Your Grace.

The first step is to breathe.  I’m not kidding – in through the nose, out through the mouth – slowly, we don’t want the panic attack kind of breathing.  Another deep breath…starting to feel like you can hear just one voice screaming in your head at a time, now?  You’re on the right path, one foot in front of the other (keep breathing), we’ll be out of Oz in no time.  I’ll take the first watch for flying monkeys, you go get some rest.  We’ll meet back here soon.




  1. Love your blog, Keri! And having been through a divorce, and having been able to “hold my grace,” I totally agree with what you have said, and the tips you offer. Holding my grace led me to a calmer, more peaceful place, and as an added bonus, to a healthy relationship after healing that has resulted in now 18 years of wonderful happiness. Thank you for doing this blog. As a former facilitator to women in a counseling center for victims of domestic violence, I can truthfully share that there are so many people who are in dysfunctional marriages, both men and women, and they need to”find” and then hold their grace.

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