What you absolutely must do today…

I lived in London for about a year in my twenties.  It was then that I learned about Boxing Day, the day after Christmas when the English spend the day with family and friends.  Even in a big city like London, most everything was closed and the streets were practically empty.  I remember walking to the corner store for milk (it was a market owned by foreigners) and being amazed at how quiet everything was.  I also remember noticing that the only other people out and about were other foreigners – we all looked at each other, smiling, feeling a little like we were getting away with something, this odd sense having someone else’s city all to ourselves.

My English co-workers shared with me that everyone spends Boxing Day relaxing and feasting on what’s left of the Christmas treats – no one goes out to the store or the movies.  Ever since then, I have adopted this English tradition.  I do love that the English have a holiday that seems to be officially about doing a whole lot of nothing.  I’m totally in for a pajama day holiday.  If that’s not how the English really do it, don’t tell me – I don’t want to know.  I’m going to keep pretending to be English and just eating and lounging on December 26th – officially or unofficially.

My wish for you is to spend this day doing something that restores you, something that puts your scattered bits and pieces back in order.  As we head in to the end of the year, I hope you are feeling well and full of the goodness in life.  Even if the holidays have been tough or if you are feeling exhausted by all the things you were expected to do – I hope you will take at least one day to fill up again.  No expectations, no pressure – just a whole lot of time with no place to be.

Happy Pajama Day, loves.

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