What every woman over 40 needs to know about her butt…

What every woman over 40 needs to know about her butt... by Keri Kettle

I woke up this morning to terrible news about hate crimes both in my own community and around the world.  There has been an awful lot of heart-breaking news in the world lately.

There is good news, too.  Marriage equality is spreading across the country like a giant wave at a ball game, as if each state looked over at the one next to it and decided to join the celebration.   Huge progress is being made in breast cancer treatment, lead by the women that have survived it.  My kids are healthy and kind (most days).  My husband still thinks I’m hot.

And, yet, if you read magazines or watch television, it would be very easy to believe that none of this is as important as our ability to fit in to smaller jeans.  The parking lot at the gym is full, the produce section of the grocery store is filled with people trying to find the kale and my Facebook feed is filled with offers to help me lose “those holiday pounds” (they must have seen all those cookie pictures I posted).

There are so many delightful, valuable things that humans do with their time and money – help each other through difficult times, donate to causes that make the world a better place, raise compassionate children, love one another a little better than we did yesterday.  Diet soda, elliptical machines and low fat cheese aren’t going to be remembered as the highlights of human achievement in our time.

I know it’s a corny idea, but what if we each decided to spend more of our mental “bandwidth” on loving one another better and less of it worrying about our back fat, bellies and jiggly arms?

Please share your thoughts.