What we lie to our doctors about…

Yes, that's grapefruit soda, not wine, in my glass.

Yes, that’s grapefruit soda, not wine, in my glass.

I started to feel really tired.  Even when I was sleeping nine hours per night.  Even when I let myself nap.  Even when I was getting plenty of leafy greens and vibrant orange vegetables.  I was just tired all the time.  No matter how much I slept or slowed down, I felt tired.

I like pleasure too much to go through life exhausted, so I went to see my doctor.  She sat down with me and started asking a bunch of questions, because she is awesome like that.

She asked me how often I am exercising.  I replied that I walk my dog twice every day.  She asked me if I get my heart rate up from walking the dog.  I emphatically said, “oh, yes, of course!”  By the way, this is totally not true, and I have no idea why I fibbed to my doctor.  I walk my dog mostly every day, mostly just one time and he’s mostly a Basset Hound.  I’m sure the owners of Labs and Collies get a good work out but I’m mostly watching him follow his nose to whatever interesting scent he can find.  Sometimes I can get him going on a good pace if I make a real effort but, honestly, 99% of the time I am just giving him a quick leg stretch before work.

She asked me how much I drink.  My friend posted this picture on Facebook this week and I nearly peed my pants laughing:

What we lie to our doctors about... by Keri Kettle

I actually decided to tell the truth on this one because I had this sneaking suspicion that lying about how much you drink is a step down a dangerous path.  I told her I generally have a glass while I make dinner and another while eating.  Her eyebrows went up.  Apparently, that’s a lot.  Hey, I grew up in Germany where it’s not unusual to see someone having a beer with breakfast.  How could my measly two glasses of wine be the cause of my fatigue?

My first reaction to the news that I should exercise more and drink less was to be pissed at my doctor.  Any time I find myself triggered by my doctor’s opinion, a woman who I really like and trust, I know that I’m just feeling vulnerable about my self-care habits.  And, yes, less wine can be a self-care habit.  More wine can be a self-care habit, too.  It’s all about finding what works for you.

So this month I have eased off the wine, increased the amount of time that I’m exercising to the point of actually getting my heart rate up and tried to pay attention to how this feels in my body.  I am all for taking a break from foods or behaviors that might be taking away from my enjoyment of life.

I’m not giving up wine forever.  I’m not planning to become a marathon runner.  I AM going to live a life filled with delicious love and vibrant energy.

I very nearly did not write this post.  I am still worried that you will read this and think, “OMG, she is a lazy wino!”  But on the off-chance that I’m not the only one that fibs to their doctor or can’t figure out why they feel tired all the time, I’m going to take a chance and post this.  Because maybe you want to live a life filled with delicious love and vibrant energy, too.

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