The surprising truth about what makes healthy eating easy for some people and not others…

The surprising truth about what makes healthy eating easy for some people and not others... by Keri Kettle

We are told it’s going to be hard.  That we have to have willpower and overcome our desires.  We are told that eating brownies is a “sin”.

What if it didn’t have to be so freakin’ hard?

What if you could just enjoy the damn brownie or the kale because you were eating what your body wants and not being “bad” or “good” because of your choice?

There has been some recent research that suggests we’ve been treating addiction all wrong.  It turns out that there is significant evidence to show that the key to making good choices isn’t willpower, it’s connection.  Yes, connection to one another is what saves us and lack of connection to each other is what sends us on binges of booze, brownies or shoe shopping.

When we aren’t connected and bonded in loving ways to other humans, we can end up bonding to behaviors – whether it’s food that doesn’t make us feel well, over-spending or Facebook.  And those behaviors are what make us overfed, undernourished and believing the lie that we are unlovable.

We get further twisted by a culture that suggests only size 4 women are sexy, happy and lovable.  There are plenty of people that aren’t a size 4, who are happily and deeply connected to loved ones.  You don’t have to be bone-thin to be healthy and for damn sure, you don’t need to be bone-thin to be sexy.  Healthy, happy women come in many sizes.

I believe that we make choices that are healthy for our own bodies when we are connected to each other.  I believe that we eat what gives us strength and energy, instead of what makes us feel sick and bloated, when we play and rest and love passionately.  I believe that the secret to our health and wellness is not a starvation diet, it’s connection, joy and pleasure.

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