This sticky note is the key to being deeply adored.

This sticky note is the key to being deeply adored. by Keri Kettle

This week I am giving you a sneak peek into the first prompt from my latest offering, a Matchmaking Coaching Program where you get one-on-one guidance to find delicious love.

But what if you already have a partner and you want to get that sticky, yummy, delicious love feeling BACK in to your life?  What if you want a little boom boom back in your room?  Or even just a touch of kindness and snuggles along with that lifelong commitment?

This first prompt is for EVERYBODY.

Because when we don’t know what we want, we don’t get it.

When we don’t say what we want, we don’t get it (unless you are partnered with a psychic).

I believe the universe is conspiring to give you an incredibly rich and rewarding life – but the universe needs you speak up, sweetie.

Put what you want in a relationship into a sentence that can fit on a sticky note.

  1. Start by writing out the long version.  It doesn’t have to be full sentences and paragraphs (but it can be).  Set a time for 5 minutes and write at least that long, without stopping, about all that you want and are looking for in a relationship.  Be as specific as you can – not just “I want snuggles” but “I want snuggles at least five times per day and I want them at the beginning and end of every day.”
  2. Reduce the big long wish list to the most essential pieces.  What are the things you don’t want to live without?  What can you let go of, if you can at least get the big thing you crave?
  3. Take the essence and create a sentence or two that starts, “I am looking for…”

Here are some examples for the single ladies:

I am looking for a spouse, who shares my core values, is kind and doesn’t want more children but can love my children.

I am looking for someone who is fun and likes to go do new things with me and have a monogamous sexual relationship but will live separately from me.

I am looking for someone who is interested in a deeply spiritual relationship, who is open for adventure and who wants to live together, but not in a traditional marriage.

Here are some examples for the partnered up ladies:

I am looking for help with the kids’ bedtime routine at night so I can have some time to feel sexy when we go to bed.

I am looking to wake up each morning wrapped in the arms of my lover.

I am looking for adventure and fun on the weekends, with quiet nights sipping wine on the couch on weeknights (possibly watching Downton Abbey).

Here is the hard part – you have to share these “I am looking for” statements with EVERYBODY.  Tell your partner, tell your dates if you are single, tell your girlfriends and the barista at the coffee shop on the corner.  The more you practice defining and saying what you want, the more that what you want will show up in your world.

I have a dear friend that really wants cake on her birthday.  Party, balloons, expensive gifts?  Not her thing.  She wants cake.  She tells people this, particularly before her birthday (timing matters!).  All of her friends and loved ones conspire to make sure she gets cake every year.  At this point her husband is like, “I got it, don’t worry, I know about the cake!” – and then he makes sure she has it.

The universe is conspiring to get you your slice of cake.  But you have to ask for it.

I hope you enjoy this little, sticky note exercise.

Go big, your sticky note description should excite and enchant you, it should make your heart flutter when you think of having what you wrote on the note (so it better not be a cheap glass of chardonnay and a nap!).

And then be prepared, because it will start to show up.  Life is about to get awesome, are you ready?


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