The color trick that can make you happier…

The color trick that can make you happier... by Keri Kettle

If you just found out your partner is cheating, or you got the diagnosis no one wants to get, or your kid is making choices that break your heart, you are not going to want to choose pleasure.  If your mind is going through all of this crappy reality and I say, “But look, a flower, isn’t that beautiful.” This doesn’t help, you probably would tell me, “Screw the flowers, life really sucks right now.”  Or you just click away from my annoyingly positive little messages and find someone else to play with, someone who will rant and cry with you instead of asking you to notice how pretty the mustard weeds look against the blue sky.

Choosing pleasure is a practice.

It’s a practice that you choose all of the time because you can’t just bust this one out on bad days.  It has to be your regular way of looking at the world, so that it can be a lifeline to being able to breathe again on a bad day – not because I, or anyone else, told you to choose pleasure, but rather because in the midst of living in a really shitty moment in your life – YOU will notice the butterfly or the flower or the way the clouds look like Johnny Depp – and it will allow you to step out of the shit ditch for just a moment and see that there is hope.  There is beauty and silliness and love, even in the most difficult times.

The world is a beautiful and joy-filled place, and I make an intentional practice every day of noticing that. I do some dorky things to bring myself joy.  Maybe you want to dork out with me for a bit.

In my bathroom I don’t like to have matching towels, instead I create my favorite color combinations from mismatched towels.  For me, just seeing two colors together each morning can make my morning better.   So each towel is a different color and each week I mix it up.  I might mix sky blue with tangerine orange. I love candy apple red with aqua. Lime green with an amazing fuchsia or hot pink. Every day when I use the bathroom, I think, “Wow, that’s so pretty, I love that.”  Yes, it’s silly and it’s small, but honestly, it makes me smile.

You can do this with your socks – yes, you might feel goofy when slipping off your shoes. Goofy is good.  Goofy is in the neighborhood of happy.

You can do this with your cup and plate, with the dish towels in your kitchen, with a handful of flowers in a vase by your bedside table, the post-it notes on your desk – the possibilities are endless.  Any place where you find yourself regularly in your day can be a place to add a little color.

Pleasure is a practice.

A key to this working for longer than a week, is to change up the color regularly.  Changing things up is what helps us notice.  If we have the same things around us every day, we stop noticing them.    This color trick requires you to decide that you are going to create a space in your day for something simple that brings you pleasure and then letting ourselves be uncool or dorky enough to let ourselves be pleased by these little things.

Pleasure is a practice.

Do you already have a pleasure practice that brings you joy each day?  I hope you’ll share in the comments below.  Inspire us, dear heart.

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