An urgent message…

An urgent message... by Keri Kettle

What you can stop doing right now…

You have to stop scurrying from one thing to the next.

You have to stop reading your texts at the stoplights (or on the freeway).

You have to stop trying to get all of the things done.

There is time for hugs, even if you have to drag your protesting preteen in to your arms and make her pause long enough to receive it.

There is time for prayer, even if it means you are late – again.

There is time for making, even if it means that dinner gets eaten on plates in laps because the dining room table is covered with paint, glue and glitter.

You can shop less, even the online kind that you think saves times until you realize you just spent three hours looking at tiny pictures of boots.

You can go less, even if it means you turn down sweet invitations.

You can do less, because no one is keeping score (and if you know someone who is, it is time to stop knowing that person).

While the world keeps shouting at us that we need to be more productive, have more fun and buy the latest thing that everyone else has – it is absolutely okay, maybe even urgent, to stay firmly planted in your own space, screens down, loving on your people.  It might be what saves us all.


  1. wonderful reminder for a Monday. Thank you for sharing.

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