I Want to Ignite a Fire Under Your A**

Ignite – that’s my guiding word for 2013.  Have you heard of these groups online that promote the idea of choosing one word to guide your year?  The concept is to consider what you’d like to invite more of into your life.  As I slog through my 40’s, I’m finding more and more that what I want, and frankly need, is more energy.  When my kids were younger and I was in my early 30’s, I desperately needed more energy just to keep up with them.  I remember slamming an espresso on the way home from work so that I would have the energy to get through the dinner/ bedtime routine.  Then I struggled with some energy-sapping hormonal and adrenal issues in my late 30’s.   I think I might have had a brief period of zip and zing sometime around age 36 – ahhh, those were the days, my friend.

As I’ve said over and over on this site, I believe we create our own reality.  My energy issue is not medical (thank you, adrenals, for healing up nicely).  If I want more energy it’s going to come from my actions and not from a scary tube of chemicals sold at the gas station.  It won’t be found in a supplement sold at the hippie grocery store and it’s definitely not going to land in my lap while I sit on the couch watching Downton Abbey (despite this truth, my butt will be glued to the couch for every episode).  I’ve been doing a lot of research on this issue and there is strong evidence that those around you greatly influence your behavior.  We rise and fall to the energy level of those we surround ourselves with.  This explains why the annoyingly skinny joggers that can eat mounds of pasta without gaining weight hang out in “running clubs” while so many of the rest of us are participating in life via Facebook from the comfort of our overstuffed couches, beach chairs and slow, quiet walks in the woods.

Let me be clear, I’m firmly in the latter category.  And I like it here.  But I’d like to ignite a burst of energy to get us through 2013 with a little zip in our step.  If you are going through a difficult time, due to divorce, marital problems or any of life’s other pesky seasons of pain, I want to light  the fuse that will carry you through this year and on to the vitality and joy that is out there waiting for us.  I hope you will join me.  No running shorts required.



  1. Esther Durán Lumm says:

    Love your newsleter and blog, and you have convinced me to “ignite” my fire! This is the year I will send a book to a publisher for rejection!! Can’t wait!!

    • That’s so cool! I’m writing one, too. We should talk, I’ve done some research on book publishing. I can send you some links to a few places with great information. Thanks again for the feedback, it means so much to know whether people like what I’m doing or if I should make changes. <3

  2. Love this. I feel so lucky to be In your crew❤

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