It’s Rally Time!

Romans12 2

Step Three To The Ignited Life:  Move It

Feeling tired, sleepy or have a little brain fog even though you absolutely HAVE to be focused and energetic?   If I don’t get enough sleep or if I haven’t been exercising, I can easily find myself moving slowly in the morning.  Coffee may get my butt out of bed but some days my brain might as well have stayed under the covers.  I am NOT a morning person but court starts at 8:30 am and the judge doesn’t really care if I am a morning person or not.  In fact, neither do my clients.  Their future – kids, money, property – depends on me being sharp and prepared enough to guide them through the divorce process.  They deserve to have someone awake, heck, even lively, to help them navigate these difficult waters.  I’ve had to develop coping strategies to overcome my naturally slower morning pace so that I can do a good job for my clients.  And I know every mom has those moments when their kids need attention and, just like clients and judges, kids don’t give a rat’s a** that you had a rough day at the office or that you stayed up a little too late last night doing laundry (aka catching up on Downton Abbey).  Whether you have an early morning work obligation or you have to come up with some enthusiasm for that evening elementary school science fair, sometimes you just have to put your big girl britches on and RALLY!  Here are my tricks to start a little mojo flowing when I’d rather put my feet up and wander around Etsy for a while:

1.  Shake Your Groove Thang.  My go-to trick, whether I’m slogging through the dishes or on the way to a hearing is to play some music with a driving beat.  A few of my favorite “wake up” songs for the drive to the courthouse are The Eels “Beautiful Day”, The White Stripes “My Doorbell” and I love me some Basement Bhangra (seeing DJ Rehka live is on my bucket list).

2.  Get Outside.  If we’ve been going for three hours in a mediation session or deposition (which is where you sit in a conference room and question a witness all day – always a butt-numbing experience for everyone involved), I don’t want to spend time cooped up in my car or office – it’s time for some outside time.  I don’t care if it’s a walk around the block in an office/industrial area or a brisk walk around your neighborhood before you start dinner, when you move your body the blood starts to flow.  If you are prepared with headphones and music on your phone, it’s a double whammy of wake-up.

3.  Get A Little Twisted.  A few yoga sun salutations or just some basic toe-touching is my final desperate act if I’m starting to poop out midway through an important task.  I’ve even done a few pretzel moves in a public restroom when I needed to squeeze out a bit more umph on the go.  It’s not ideal but, again, it gets some blood flowing and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  When my kids were toddlers, I would do a little stretching during bath time to help me get through the rest of the bedtime routine without falling asleep during story time.

You might have noticed that I didn’t mention Diet Coke, chocolate or those scary energy drinks as a pick me up.  I’ll address the connection of energy and nutrition later in this series (I’ve come across some seriously frightening research on this) – I’m sure most of you already know the pitfalls of using sugar, energy drinks and processed foods to create energy but I’ll just mention here that I’ve found using those when I actually need to use my brain does more harm than good.  More on this topic later, but in the meantime, maybe just start to take notice of how your energy levels respond to these stimulants over periods of time.

If you have your own tips for finding energy when you need it most, I hope you’ll share them in the comments below.


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