Will you do me a favor?

Say yes to playing hooky.

Say yes to playing hooky.

Today I didn’t go to work.  I’d like to say that I didn’t work, that I took the day off and just laid around, reading books and eating bon bons.  But I still did laundry, wrote this blog post, answered work e-mail, returned some calls, called the office to give instructions on this thing or that.  But I didn’t put on make-up, I didn’t put on heels.  I did my work while sipping a glass of wine (Mosbey Rosato for you California wine lovers) out on our deck.  I made a gorgeous red quinoa and spinach salad and I ate at home with my husband instead of shoveling in something I warmed up in the office microwave at my desk.  I wore flip flops and listened to the birds.  It was lovely.

We work too hard.  We try to do too much.  We expect ourselves to get more done in a day than our grandparents got done in a week.  Life moves so fast.  Will you do something for me?  Please do something nice for yourself today.  Buy yourself some flowers – it doesn’t have to be a $100 bouquet of imported roses, pick up whatever is cheap and brightly colored at the farmer’s market or Trader Joe’s.  Go ahead and open the good bottle of wine tonight.  Schedule that massage you bought with a Groupon.  Walk outside and feel the sun on your face.  Do whatever is easy and available to feel good.  You do so much for so many other people.  Give yourself permission to be slow, even lazy.  Pretend it’s the 1960’s – thankfully, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers have been invented but the cell phone and the 24/7 information age hasn’t yet arrived.  Sit back, have some cheese fondue and live blissfully unaware of your cholesterol count.  I’ll be right there with you.

And once you’ve done something for yourself, will you please tell someone about it?  Challenge them to do the same.  Write about your special gift to yourself in the comments or send a message to a friend – give them permission to be lazy, to not be so damn productive for a little bit.  Let’s put our phones on silent and our feet up.  It’s a beautiful day.

Please share your thoughts.