The Gold Ones

My friend Carol and I met in college – we were the ones that volunteered to help clean up after trainings for the campus childcare center because we knew the director would let us take home the leftover food.  That was a long time ago but she is still one of my best friends and when we get together, all the time apart melts away.  A few months ago she and I got together and I was lamenting that I have lost my parallel parking skills due to being a country dweller now.  She responded, “When did you have parallel parking skills?” We both dissolved in laughter.  Carol knows me.  We’ve been friends for over twenty years and she’s well aware of my crappy parking ability, my love of Italian food and my weakness for smooth-talking men.

Friends that have known me for years help me stay grounded.  They help me to laugh at myself and to appreciate the crazy twists and turns that life takes.  It’s easy to imagine that you are the only one that ended up a single mom, that put on a few pounds or had a child with needs you struggle to figure out how to meet.  When I connect with people that I knew in college, high school, or even elementary school,  it helps me to see that no one’s life turns out exactly like they hoped and expected but it often turns out better in ways we couldn’t dream of as young girls.

One particularly broke day in college, I was browsing through the Victoria’s Secret Catalog with Carol.  She turned to me and said, “One day we will be able to afford everything in this catalog!”  As it turns out, yes, we both now have the ability to buy anything we want out of that catalog.  Thankfully, the way our lives turned out – as professionals, as moms – neither of us want to buy everything in the Victoria Secret Catalog.  Things aren’t quite as we expected, they are much, much better.

I hope you’ll be inspired to call up an old friend after you read this.  Savor those old friendships and take advantage of the perspective you have from this side of sixteen.


  1. Dear Keri

    I love to read what you write it is so poignantly Resonates with me
    And reminds me to savor the present moments in my life ThaNks

  2. Esther Durán Lumm says:

    So true, and you are so wise, dear sweet daughter! I’m about to meet with many longtime friends this year, as I celebrate my 50th high school reunion in October! Wish me luck that we recognize each other!

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