A Manifesto for Boredom


desk lunch



This is what my desk looks like most days, I swear there is a desk under all that paper,  I remember seeing it before.  Yes, most days I eat lunch at my desk, which I know is neither good for my digestion nor my brain.  Do you ever dream of being bored?  Sometimes when I see a movie or a TV show that has some person who is supposed to be the “loser” character in their bathrobe on the couch watching TV and eating chips – I’m just ridiculously jealous.  I wonder why we are supposed to feel sorry for anyone that gets to still be in their bathrobe at noon on a weekday.  If I see your Facebook post or an Instagram picture of you spending a Tuesday wandering through the woods or having a picnic at the park, I pretty much hate you.  Just for a second and then I love you again, I promise.

Sometimes I dream about retirement, not because I’m looking forward to playing Bunko or wearing elastic waist floral pants, but because there must be long stretches of time when you get to do nothing.  It sounds lovely  – even if it comes with bursitis and varicose veins.

I think the reason that moms go ballistic when their kids complain about being bored is that we are rarely still for long enough to be bored.  How dare they be bored when we’re working our tails off to keep things together?  I bet if you’re a mom, you are either reading this while you do something else or it’s so early or so late that you really should be sleeping (thank you for making time to read this, by the way!), because we always put our own fun stuff last.

But I have a sneaking feeling that I do this to myself, I take on more than I can reasonably get done in a day.  I agree to volunteer for the kids’ school, handle a new client, write another article, go to another conference…I say yes too often and too easily.   And I have the power not only to change this for myself but to help let other women off the hook, too.  I can encourage them not to volunteer, to bring store bought cookies to the party and I can cheer them on when they say no.  Yea for not agreeing to do stuff!  Woohoo!

We’re all in this together, if we all agree that we can’t do everything, that we all deserve a little time to be bored – well, that will be just how it is and not just how I dream it to be.  Are you with me?  I’ll be ready with my chips and bathrobe.



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