Can You Be a Hottie in Sweatpants?

Puke pic

I was walking into the doctor’s office after 2 puke-y days in bed.  I was wearing sweats and my favorite big, baggy sweater, my hair haphazardly caught up in a hair tie.  I had tossed my cookies in the car on the way to the doctor’s office and I was carrying the upchuck bucket in my hands (empty, but still nasty).  I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window as I walked in and joked to my husband, “I look like shit on a shingle.”

We sat down in the waiting area and I took the hair tie out and tried to twist and pull my hair into a more socially acceptable bun.  My head was bent down as I attempted to gather up all the straggling hair in the back.  My eyes drifted up, catching sight of the neatly tied Keds of the two ladies sitting across from me.  I was moving in super-slow motion because I didn’t want to hurl.  My eyes slowly drifted up – noting the veined and wrinkled ankles, the powder blue and the practical navy capri pants, the cardigan sweater and the knit hoodie, then my eyes rested on the elderly faces staring and smiling broadly at me.  What do you do when you are being gazed upon intently by two sweet, old angels?  Even if you feel like poo, you respect your elders.  So, I said, “Hi”.  The first one patted her closely cropped cap of gray hair and said, “I used to have thick, long hair like that.”  The other, still smiling from her memories, said, “I was noticing your hair, too, I had curls for miles…”

And, suddenly, I wasn’t a mom in her forties wearing sweatpants and trying not to dry heave all over this waiting room.  I was young.  And hot.  And I have luscious, wavy hair that I can twist and pull into a socially acceptable bun.  And I can remind women about to have bladder surgery in their 80’s that they were also young, hot and had luscious hair.  We each gave each other a little gift as we sat there, waiting for our turn with our lovely, blond, female, thirty-something surgeon who has the most gorgeously strong, capable hands.  Each of us from a different generation, and each of us beautiful in our own way.  It’s all about perspective.

How’s your perspective?  Are you taking a step back and noticing how beautiful you are?  If you are having trouble seeing what is beautiful about you, ask a friend.  I’m sure someone else dreams about your hair, or your calves or the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh.  Girl, you are hotter than you know.  For reals.


  1. A lovely reminder, Keri. WE all have beauty within us, even in sweats. I hope you’re feeling better!

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