Should I Text My Ex-husband (Again)?

Should I Text My Ex? infographic

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this about how to know if you are texting your ex too much.  I made this infographic so you have an easy way to decide if you should send that text or not.  Make it your cell phone wallpaper and you just may end those text fights for good. 😉

If you find yourself getting in arguments with your ex on a regular basis, you might want to read this.  It’s a story I wrote a while back about how easy it is to sabotage our own efforts to have a respectful, peaceful co-parenting relationship.

Finally, know that things get better.  That one day you will look up and notice that you haven’t argued with your ex in a long time and your kids are doing fine and you’ve been sleeping well for several nights in a row.  Because you did the work and you made the changes and you are awesome.  And hot. 😉

Please share your thoughts.