When it’s time for red lipstick…

Queen Ring

“Never underestimate the healing power of the sequin.”

Mary Alice Stephenson (founder of Glam4Good)

Not feeling so sparkly lately?  How many times have you pulled on that same pair of jeans?  Are you slipping in to the Clark’s clogs day after day?  How many weeks has that over-sized sweater been in heavy rotation?  Yeah, it’s shocking that we feel a little lackluster lately. 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you show up in the school pick up line wearing 4 inch stiletto heels and a hot pink spandex mini-skirt.  I don’t want you to be that mom.  But how about being the mom that has a little spring in her step?  A little bounce in her house?  A little sass.  A little sparkle.

Have you been wearing the same beige-y pink lipstick for months?  Or has it gotten so bad that you barely remember to smear on some “it lives in my car or the  bottom of my purse” Burt’s Bees lip balm?  Yes, you need to get out a little red lipstick, my friend.  Maybe even some eye liner.

Go ahead, wear the Clark’s but put on some sparkly socks under those clogs.  No, your pretty earrings and chunky necklace are not “too much” for a Tuesday.  Wear the pretty tunic that’s been languishing under the piles of big sweaters.  You think it’s too cold for the pretty, embroidered top?  I have one word for you – layers.

Can we please take an extra five minutes to feel pretty today?  I want to catch a glimpse of myself and think, “ooh, good hair day!” not “oh geez, I need Botox!”  You know what the difference is between a good hair day and a bad Botox day?  Five minutes of choosing the top in a color that makes your skin tone glow, a quick slide of red lipstick that distracts your eyes from those little lines around your eyes – five minutes, my friend.  You deserve five minutes.  We deserve five minutes to change the tone of our day.

Here’s to finding your sparkle.  I’d love to see pics of you and your sassy, sparkle over on Instagram.  You can find me @keri1930.


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