What the hell are we complaining about?

Photo Credit: Karen Bardavid

Photo Credit: Karen Bardavid

I asked the women in my Untamed Program to come out of the joy closet.

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Romans 12:2

I asked them, just for one day, not to respond to “How are you?” with a complaint about being too tired or too busy or too scattered.  I asked them to talk about their joy.  Because chances are, if you are reading this (using the fancy internets and all), you have a pretty damn good life.  Not a perfect life and maybe not the life of your childhood dreams.  But, still, pretty good, right?  Maybe even a quite delicious life.

The mind is everything.  What you think you become.  Buddha

Yes, it’s okay to talk about the bad things.  But it’s so easy to fall into the habit of ONLY talking about the bad things.  Every day when I pick up my son from school, I ask him how his day was.  He always asks me how my day was, too.  One day he told me that it sounds like I never have a good day.  I always tell him that I was rushed at work, or I had to work through lunch or someone was a turd.  Today I told him, “My day was fantastic.”  He was shocked and delighted.  He couldn’t wait to hear more about how good my day was.  It helped that I left work early to pick him up from school because it’s Parent Teacher Conference Week.  It also helped that I had time for lunch and I didn’t have to talk to any cranky people today.  Not every day can be this good.  But not every day has to suck either.keri

I choose joy.  I choose pleasure.  If you follow me on Instagram, FaceBook or Twitter, you can follow my #ichoosepleasure pictures and posts.  Life is good, sweet friend.  I’d love to see your #ichoosepleasure moments, too.

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