How I prepare to go into battle (also known as Tuesday)…

magicEach day the last piece of jewelry I put on is a ring for my right hand.  I have a small collection of them, none of them very valuable, but each has a special meaning.  I choose an intention for the day and wear the ring that will remind me of that intention:  a blue topaz ring that was my Great Grandma Judy’s reminds me to have compassion and practice unconditional kindness because she was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known; a smoky quartz ring for when I want to stay focused; a ring made with a chunk of Murano glass reminds me to channel Sophia Loren and live La Dolce Vita; an unusually shaped ring, with tiny sapphires and diamonds set as an off-kilter square reminds me that my journey doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. I have a few others picked up here and there – usually from the little dish of treasures they leave by the cash register to tempt you while they ring you up at boutiques and clothing stores.  I fully admit to being a sucker for that little bowl of treasures.

I used to have a ring set with a tiny gold spider.  I was born in Arizona, where the Hopi and Navajo people tell stories of the powerful Spider Woman and Spider Grandmother.  The spider reminded me to call on my feminine power and, to own my divine right to be a badass every once in a while.  I passed that on to another mom going through some hard stuff when I felt she needed Queen Ringthe reminder more than I do.  I find that I don’t have too much trouble tapping in to my inner badass anyway.  Trust me, I need the reminder to be kind way more than the reminder to be tough.  😉

Having the right hand ring on doesn’t always mean that I remember to live my intention each day, but it helps me to stay on track more often than I would without something to jog my memory  — “Crap, I meant to be compassionate today!” So maybe I should go ahead and cut the barista who made my coffee wrong some slack – lucky for him, it’s not badass day.  I make sure to wear comfortable shoes if I am going to have a smoky quartz focused day, no one wants to be distracted by aching feet.  I’ll go ahead and put on a little extra eye liner if I’m having a Sophia Loren day, maybe wear the big, flowing scarf, too.  It’s a ritual and a practice.  You might think it’s silly or you might see the magic.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetLiving a deliciously joyful life takes ritual and practice.  It takes little reminders and candles and alters to sit at and pray.  It takes me a moment each morning to be deliberate in choosing what I want to create in my day, what powers I need to call on, what joy-suckers I need to be prepared for.  Because there will be crying clients and aggressive drivers and children that I swear spent the fifty years before they were born studying up on how to get on my last nerve.  But there will also be a hot cup of coffee delivered to me in bed, and a cd of music in my car put together with love by a friend, and teenagers that will holler across the house for me to come back to their room because they want to say “I love you, too, mom” before they go to sleep.  Yep, I have a ring that reminds me of  “I love you, too” – I hope you have one, too.

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