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The One Question You Need To Ask So You Don’t Screw Things Up

you're ok

People make big, big choices sitting in my office – decisions about their marriage, their money, their kids, their career, their home (and those are just the biggies).  I am careful to try to make sure that my clients are relying on the best information available, that they consider the costs and the benefits, and […]

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Life Lessons from a Greek Drag Queen

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”  Mae West A group of friends and I were traveling around Europe one Summer, we had broken up into a few groups and, this being in the days before cell phones, we came up with the very romantic idea that we would all meet up […]

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3 Tips to Get More Sleep and Be More Fabulous

Get more sleep, be more fabulous.

Anxiety sucks.  It sucks the energy out of our day, it sucks the joy out of our fun time and it sucks the rest out of our nights.  How many times have you been unable to sleep while your mind spins with worry?  It’s really unlikely that you can actually fix any of your problems […]

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My Best Tip To Master Being Present


If you’ve read my toe story, you know that my brain can go off on a tangent of worry and anxiety.  And based on the responses I got – so can yours.  But how do you turn off the crazy brain?  Anyone that has ever had a kid, pet or younger sibling can tell you […]

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What Happy Women Don’t Do

Two women are comparing their extremely busy lives

Step 5 to an ignited life:  Just say no The volunteer coordinator sent me an e-mail asking if I could come over around 10:00am the next day to work on the project that I had been asking to schedule for weeks.  Less than 24 hours notice?  You want me to be there mid-morning on a […]

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