How To Get Through Divorce Without Losing Your Shit

It’s heeerrreeee….. The book is ready for ordering from Amazon (and I believe your local independent bookseller, but I have not tested that theory yet, I’ll be back with an update). I collected all the things that I knew would help women make better decisions while they were going through their divorce but that people […]

What you don’t know about the ones you love…

I hear it all the time, “this is not the person I married.”  Or “I feel like he/she is a totally different person.” Even if you have never been through a separation or divorce and found yourself reconsidering everything you thought you knew about your spouse, you can probably relate to a loved one becoming […]

The key to finding your happy place…

We walked through a meadow as we approached the steps up to the suspension bridge that would take us deeper into the rain forest.  A young man was sitting on the steps, oblivious to our clanking steps as we clumsily walked with clips and ropes and pulleys attached to the harnesses we had just strapped […]

It’s Not What You Think…

I walked in to the 11am weekday yoga class at the gym, knowing it would be full of elders. The only other class that takes place between 9:30 and 5:30pm at my gym is Silver Sneakers.  I do, after all, live in the town where people come to die. I was not wrong.  I put […]

This might make you want to move…

A wise friend of mine says that it’s okay to visit Self-Pity City, you might even want to stay there for a while – just don’t buy real estate. When bad things happen or when a difficult situation doesn’t appear that it will ever get better, you might find yourself living in Self-Pity City.  You […]

How I Found Joy In My Pantry…

There is something so calming about looking at empty space.  Your eyes can find a place to focus instead of anxiously trying to figure out where to look. I keep walking over to our pantry, opening the door and smiling.  I do this several times a day.  I don’t even wait to need something out […]

Where to find your treasure…

I love to purge.   I love to get rid of stuff that is piling up.  I love to take an over-stuffed drawer, dump it out, and sort it into what I love and what needs to go. About once every 3 months we schedule a pick-up from a local charity for outgrown clothes and […]

How I will Honor The Ones That Died This Week

My husband and I were volunteering this past Sunday at church and a young man walked up and asked me to take a stack of books he wanted to donate.  Which is nice, but we don’t really take book donations at my church.  He thought someone else might like to read these books.  I explained […]

Choosing the scent that makes you feel like you

There will come a day when the scent you have worn for years doesn’t smell like you at all.  Or you will realize that you haven’t worn any scent at all for so long.  Maybe you have a dusty bottle in the back of your cabinet with a bit of stale, brown liquid in the […]

Attracting Delicious Love – Part 1

This week I’m changing things up a bit.  I’ve recorded a video that talks about what to do when you feel like there is something standing between you and a deliciously joyful, pleasurable life.  You want deep, delicious love in your life (and, no, you aren’t too tired for deep, delicious love).  Maybe you have […]