Creating a new normal…

On our trip to Belize, we met a woman from Germany who was managing the resort we stayed at.  She towered over the locals and tourists alike with her broad build and booming voice.  She was efficient and determined in a land that is laid back and has a more casual relationship with time. If […]

It’s time to unclench…

I was sitting in a booth of a local Mexican restaurant when I heard two girls slide in to the booth behind me.  One was on the verge of tears, saying, “I called you because I need someone to cheer me up, I’ve been crying for days.”  Her friend responded with “Let’s get you a […]

What we do to stay wild…

I walk around the back of the sparkling white Land Rover and start to giggle.  I hear the voice of an Australian outdoors man (think Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin the beloved, late Crocodile Hunter), “the elusive mammal known as ‘Mom-us On-the-run-us’ has just moved in to her natural habitat, the wilds of the grocery […]

How to take the first step of a hard journey…

View from the first level of the Eiffel Tower, about 20 stories up – those tiny things that look like ants are people.  I stood in the line to go through security, feeling the nerves dancing in the pit of my stomach.  I kept trying not to look up at how far I was going […]

The Upside of Constant Change

It was raining yesterday.  Today I was sweating as the temperature hit the 80’s in my un-air-conditioned house.  The weather changes every few days where I live and I love it. I grew up in a place where Winter started a bit before Halloween, settled in and was still a dirty, slushy mess when Easter […]

What I learned from the loud sorority girls…

Photo credit Catherine Just Photography *Trigger warning: this post tells a story of a time when I was very nearly sexually assaulted.  I was able to get away and it has a happy ending but people who are sensitive to the topic may want to skip this story.* In high school, I was a joiner. […]

Facing Loneliness When You Are Newly Single

After my divorce, I found myself with a lot more free time.  Shared custody meant that all of a sudden half my weekends and evenings were free.  It’s a huge adjustment for anyone to make, but it can be especially challenging if you have never had much time alone or if you didn’t enjoy it […]

How I prepare to go into battle (also known as Tuesday)…

Each day the last piece of jewelry I put on is a ring for my right hand.  I have a small collection of them, none of them very valuable, but each has a special meaning.  I choose an intention for the day and wear the ring that will remind me of that intention:  a blue […]

Are you ready to ‘fess up?

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” Oprah Winfrey I was talking to a very dear friend about asking for what we need.  It sounds easy, right?  Need some salt for your potatoes?  Ask for the salt.  Need to avoid dairy? Ask for your burger without the cheese.  Life is […]

Can’t Sleep? (or how Chris Rock lead me to a life of porn)

At least once per week, a client tells me she can’t sleep.  The upside of divorce is that most of us lose a ton of weight, the downside is that you look like death warmed over because you have giant bags under your eyes from lack of sleep.  Worrying about your kids, your finances, where […]