Creating a new normal…

On our trip to Belize, we met a woman from Germany who was managing the resort we stayed at.  She towered over the locals and tourists alike with her broad build and booming voice.  She was efficient and determined in a land that is laid back and has a more casual relationship with time. If […]

This might make you want to move…

A wise friend of mine says that it’s okay to visit Self-Pity City, you might even want to stay there for a while – just don’t buy real estate. When bad things happen or when a difficult situation doesn’t appear that it will ever get better, you might find yourself living in Self-Pity City.  You […]

What to do when you can’t seem to get anything done

There will be times when you think of everything that needs to get done and feel paralyzed.  You will look at the list you’ve made and think, I have no idea where to begin.  You will believe that you can’t possibly do this alone.  You will find yourself on Facebook or Pinterest, frantically checking and […]

#ichoosepleasure – Part Five

If you don’t like where you are, then change it! You’re not a tree. — Jim Rohn Define your own happily ever after. Eat chocolate for breakfast.  Drink wine at Noon on a Tuesday.  Wear striped socks with sandals.  Move to the city.  Escape the city.  Walk away from the man that couldn’t love you […]

#ichoosepleasure – Part 4

Let’s re-cap:  you’ve started to own your beauty; you’ve started to see there is no scarcity of soul mate “options” and you’re ready to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.  But what if you still feel stuck in that place where you are just “not unhappy”? How do you get from being just okay […]

When your marriage is not a happy little boat…

There’s a moment that happens before you get the divorce when you realize that you’ve been in this boat with your spouse and that you’ve each been paddling in opposite directions.  Or maybe you realize that you are the only one paddling.  Or maybe your spouse not only stopped paddling but they took an empty […]

Yes, I’m trying to make you laugh.

  I make jokes at seemingly inappropriate times.  After my client has sat through several minutes of hearing his/her spouse go on and on angrily about some issue, I will see the urgent note-writing start.  I know that my client feels the need to defend themselves and is busily trying to write a note to […]

The Storm Before The Calm

People come to me looking to fix what’s been broken.  They want me to lead them through the anger, the frustration and the dysfunctional communication to relieve them of their pain. I do my best to show them how to shift negative communication patterns.  How to deal with people that are being turds.  How to […]

We need to talk about your permanent record…

You don’t have one.  A permanent record, that is.  You don’t have to set it straight.  You don’t have to clear it.  You don’t have to make sure that everyone knows what the “real” truth is. I just saved you a few years of wasted time.  You’re welcome. At least once a week, someone asks […]

When it’s too loud in your head to hear me…

I can hear the tightness in their voices when someone makes their first divorce attorney call and it’s transferred to me.  They start off with a bunch of questions that have no answers, at least no answers that they will hear if I speak them right now.  One thing I am certain of, and there […]