The Gold Ones

My friend Carol and I met in college – we were the ones that volunteered to help clean up after trainings for the campus childcare center because we knew the director would let us take home the leftover food.  That was a long time ago but she is still one of my best friends and […]

Life Lessons from a Greek Drag Queen

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”  Mae West A group of friends and I were traveling around Europe one Summer, we had broken up into a few groups and, this being in the days before cell phones, we came up with the very romantic idea that we would all meet up […]

What I learned about friendship from getting stepped on.

Step One to the Ignited Life:  Find (or cherish) your posse. I was stopped at a light, weeping with laughter while listening to a Fresh Air interview of Russell Brand on NPR.   I looked over at the car next to me and saw my friend in the driver seat.  It looked like she might […]

What you can learn from a modern troubadour at the country club.

The guy in the hat in the picture above is singer-songwriter Mason Reed.  His voice is super cool – like Tom Waits and Jason Mraz made a singing baby with an awesome ‘stache and a hippie beard.   And the guy next to him is playing a mandolin.  Do you know how musically gifted you have […]

Can You Find Joy With A Glue Stick?

I was on one of my first post-divorce dates and being quizzed by my “date” – which I put in quotes because I do not believe an offer to meet me at the Starbucks next door to his office counts as a date, it’s at best a meeting and, frankly, felt more like a job […]

Choose Joy or Else People Will Think You Are Vain

I discovered something disturbing about myself recently.  My knees have started to wrinkle.  I only noticed this because I was trying to apply lip stuff while driving to a business meeting.  I say “stuff” because I would like to say that I was gliding on Urban Decay’s hip new shade of “Hobo Vomit” pink but I […]