What’s the rush?

What's the rush? by Keri Kettle

I live in an agricultural community – what you might even call “the boondocks”.  While visiting cities on vacation, I find myself stepping faster to meet the rhythm of all the people rushing from one place to another.

I prefer to take the back roads to get from my house to work, puttering through the fields of kale and berries.  Sometimes you get stuck behind a truck hauling fruit, it’s not unusual for someone to explain they were late because they got stuck behind a lemon truck. Everyone gives you sympathetic nods, knowing how a slow-moving truck full of produce can slow you down.

I sometimes wonder why everyone in the city is in such a hurry.  Where is everyone going that they have to practically run there?  Do we naturally start competing with each other when we are in close company?

I love when I have time where I don’t feel like I’m rushing from one activity to the next, time that is measured by the rise of the sun and the moon instead of my alarm clock. Sometimes I need time that belongs to no one but myself.

The next time you find yourself rushing through your day, consider whether you really need to scurry or if you are just keeping up with the pace set by everyone else.  Maybe you don’t need to scurry.  Maybe you can set your own pace.  Maybe, just maybe, you can reclaim ownership of your time.

If anyone complains you are late, tell them you got stuck behind a lemon truck.


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