Will you do me a favor?

Will you do me a favor? by Keri Kettle

Will you please say yes to dessert?

Will you accept the compliment?

Will you go ahead and take a deep sniff of the fresh laundry, even if you were supposed to be out the door and in the car already?

Will you take five damn minutes to sit outside and breathe?

I may rant over and over about how much we all need to slow down.  But let’s make sure that slowing down is put to good purpose.

Savor the coffee, letting your eyes gaze a little longer on the horizon.

Take off the bra a little earlier, I promise, no one will notice.

Say no to the uncomfortable shoes and the pants that leave red welts at your waist line.  Slip the swishy skirt over your hips, wear your cozy socks, let your hair be a little wild today.

Put your feet up.  Take the last piece of pie.  Say yes to one more hug before you say good-bye.

Look at the grocery store clerk, the post office clerk, the bank teller, the security guard, the crossing guard – look them in the eye, smile and mean it.

Walk through one day, more if you can bear it, with your heart wide open and your mind unconcerned with the shenanigans of the rude and inconsiderate.  Know they are just being their human selves and sometimes you, too, are oblivious to those around you.

While you are out there, living wholehearted, let yourself choose pleasure.

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