What you can’t see on Instagram…

Photo credit: Stacy de la Rosa

Photo credit: Stacy de la Rosa

You can’t see the dirty spoon I found in my son’s bed when I went to kiss him goodnight.

You can’t see my gray roots that sprout up just as fast as I can color them.

You can’t see the cloudy spots on my wine glasses (and you probably can’t tell I bought them at Target).

You can’t see that I really need to shave my legs.

You can’t see that I’m wearing underwear with a hole in it.

You can’t see that the screen door that leads to the red chairs is hinky and never shuts right.

You can’t see the spider webs on the red chairs, or the dust print that ends up on my butt when I get up because I was too lazy to wipe them down before I sat.

You can’t see that my kid turned in their homework late.  Again.

You can’t see me crying in the car because I still miss the one that went off to school far, far away.

You can’t see me being snippy with my husband.

You can’t see that I’m running late and missed my deadline and I’m scooting in by the seat of my pants at the eleventh hour. Again.

You can’t see that I had store bought pie and wine for dinner.

You can’t see the gaping tear in our funky old couch, with the stuffing falling out to shame me.

When you are scrolling through my Instagram, just remember that for every sunset shot, there is a sink full of dishes waiting to be washed.  For every smiling picture of my kids, there are an equal number of moments when they were uncooperative, sullen and a total pain in the ass.  For every beautifully plated meal eaten in a gorgeous setting, there are at least ten rushed meals of leftovers eaten at my desk or in my car.

I capture the beauty so I can remember on the not so beautiful days that there will be sweet, lingering kisses and s’mores eaten around a beach fire pit once again.  I post the beauty so that we can all inspire each other to take the moment to sit on the deck with our cheap wine and breathe – even if it leaves dust prints on our butts. #ichoosepleasure  I hope you will, too.

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