Don’t waste this…


There has been some bad news this week.  Cancer is being an asshole again, dropping in uninvited to the human party. Reminding me how unexpectedly short life can be.

Meanwhile, my grandmother lives on but doesn’t know who I am any more.  She can’t remember her favorite foods, and couldn’t eat them if she did.  I’ve seen pictures of her dancing and smoking and carrying on with the best of them.  Those Realtors really knew how to throw a party back in the day.

Soon enough, I may be on a low-salt, low-cholesterol, low-happiness diet myself.  I may find myself living in a pink bath robe, tucked in to a chair facing the television.  They better not make me watch any of that Real Housewives crap, I will come back and haunt someone.

Heart disease, cancer, dementia, or the proverbial “getting hit by a bus” – any of these things can happen at any time.

So what are you doing with your days?

Take the trip you’ve always wanted to take – start saving those pennies.  Quit wasting your dream trip money on shoes and lattes, that plane ticket isn’t going to buy itself.

Drink the good stuff – I know this seems to conflict with that last sentence, but you probably have good wine or good china just waiting for the “right day” before you drink it or use it. What better day is there than today?

Today is your some day.  Today is the first day of your plan to make those dreams of yours a reality.  Not the kind where you have to win the lottery or inherit from a long lost rich aunt you didn’t know you had – the kind of dreams where your everyday life is amazing.  Dreams that you get to have right now because right now is absolutely capable of being awesome (hello, sunsets and chocolate!).

Take one step, one action and move towards living the life that you have been waiting for. If nothing else, do it to piss off cancer.  If you have a few pennies to spare that don’t need to go towards that dream trip, stop over here and donate to help bring an end to cancer – wouldn’t it be spectacular if we could make THAT dream come true?

Please share your thoughts.