How To Get Through Divorce Without Losing Your Shit

It’s heeerrreeee…..

The book is ready for ordering from Amazon (and I believe your local independent bookseller, but I have not tested that theory yet, I’ll be back with an update).


I collected all the things that I knew would help women make better decisions while they were going through their divorce but that people didn’t want (or couldn’t afford) to hear from their attorney.  Then I added in some practical tips, the kinds of things that I get asked over and over:  How do I deal with all this paperwork when I am overwhelmed and upset? How do I make it through the first holiday morning without my kids?  Why do I want a cigarette? Am I actually crazy or is this normal?

When I went through my own divorce, it became clear that no one was talking about the weird little things that make you feel alone, scared and incapable of making wise choices.  So I’m talking about them.  Maybe you know someone who needs to hear this.  Maybe this starts the conversation.  Maybe this tiny, little book can be the thing that helps you get out of the shit ditch, so you can redefine happily ever after.

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