Happier This Year

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I know bad stuff has happened.  You’ve grieved and you’ve cried and probably dropped a few choice swear words.  Things did not turn out the way you planned, despite your best efforts to get everyone else on board with your vision for how things are “supposed to be”.

You earned those gray hairs by showing up, even when it took everything you had not to just run away.

We are all a little worse for wear, with the stretch marks and sagging bits to prove it.

Here’s the good news:

When life unravels, you get to choose what to include when you are putting it back together.

You get to choose who gets your attention.

You get to choose how you treat people.

More importantly, you get to choose how you treat yourself.

I made a rope just for you, all you have to do is grab it.

Are you ready to start making the choices that make you happy instead of the choices that leave you overwhelmed and exhausted?

Say yes to Happier This Year: An Invitation to Ease.

What is it?

A FREE 5-day program to jump-start a better year.

Each day for five days you will get a prompt sent right to your e-mail inbox.  Each day you will be invited to take another step toward more ease, more pleasure and more delight.  Each day you will move closer to redefining your own happily ever after.

Are you ready to get out of the shit ditch?