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When You Can’t See Normal From Where You Are

The hotel was not quite as air-conditioned as the website suggested.  As in, it was not air-conditioned at all, but there was a large window that could be opened.  Even at 2 o’clock in the morning it was in the 90’s with 90% humidity.  I could not sleep and I was pissed off about it. […]

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I want to keep you off the crazy train and on to the good stuff.

After 15 years as a divorce attorney, I’ve learned that people make their best decisions when they feel sane and grounded. The problem is that it’s nearly impossible to feel sane and grounded while you are getting a divorce. You probably feel like too much information, opinions and the unknown are causing your head to […]

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Let’s get back to normal.

It takes courage to get divorced.  And just when you think it might not have been the worst thing that ever happened, that maybe you, and more importantly your kids, might even end up somewhere better than you were, it picks you up, smacks you around and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of doubt, […]

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